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Making shadows for models

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Making shadows for models

Post by Admin on Thu Jan 21, 2016 10:22 pm

I saw a nice post by Alberto309 on GB for making decent shadows for trees and thought I would make a tutorial for it.

Here you can see the effect in game, the left tree looks to float but the right tree looks more natural and grounded

I can only get this to work with Vluzacn's ZHLT compile tools Get them here

Download Compiler

First make a flat null textured box about the size of the tree.

Texture the side that faces the light as {SHRUB1A and in face properties use fit to fill the whole face. (you can use any transparent texure that begins with { )

Now make the brush a func_illusionary with these settings

Render Fx = normal
Render mode = soild
Fx amount = 0
Light flags = Opaque (Blocks Light)

Add a wood brush for clipping, make this a func_wall but use the same settings as above.

add your model and then set your light_environment as below pic, you will need to play around with the yaw to get the light in the correct direction.

Download RMF


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